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 Neverland from Gummi Bear´s



Petit Ami`s Knock on Heaven Door


Petit Ami`s Count on me

Legend`s Top Billing

Soquel High Ridge´ jr´Juniior

Legend`s Quintessential

Shandau Flying To Petit Ami

Shandau the Gollywog

Shandau Made In Heaven

Petit Ami`s Kissed by a Rose

Remark`s of Paray

Bt`s Max a Million

Joline`s Hail`s in the Forecast

Petit Ami`s Rambling Rose

Kynismar Looks Like Heaven

Lardella`s Bitteliten Bitten


Karim from Gummi Bear´s

Paray´s Pure Thill

Paray´s Pantomime

Sterling`s Silver Mime

Prancing Full off Cuddles 

Paray´s White Pepper   

Paray´s Provocative

Paray´s People are Talking


Acres Away World Class


Hardy-Flap´s Sir Windston Bardsley

Jitterbop Last Lauch 

Hardy Flap s When Trumpets Fade

Bonton´s Ivory Insiration

Kenningway s Bonne Chance

 Ivory´s Arabesque


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